About Us

Find out a bit about how it all started, where we are headed, and the people who are taking us there.

Our Story

We Run Digital is the brainchild of Joannah Hon, an Australian raised Hong Kong entrepreneur.

After starting her first eCommerce business at 18 and going on to sell it a few years later, she began a career in eCommerce; leading the growth in Asia for various software companies. She began We Run Digital in 2017 as a way to extend her eCommerce expertise to struggling retail businesses around Asia.  

Within a couple of years, WRD – in partnership with agencies and freelancers from around the world – have helped hundreds of businesses grow and scale rapidly.

After observing that traffic alone was no longer enough to sustain a successful digital strategy, WRD transitioned into a full-service digital agency, providing everything from lead generation, to content creation, social media management, advertising and sales funnel builds.

Since then, we’ve become one of Asia’s most innovative full-service agencies. Supported by a global team of experts, we work as an extension of your own team to run targeted, measured campaigns that deliver true results. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – to generate 1 million leads for our clients by 2022.

After running thousands of ads, creating thousands of pieces of content, and generating thousands of leads – we are confident in our methods, and truly believe that we have cracked the code to digital marketing that delivers. Every. Single. Time. 

Our Values

We believe in making a difference. As a team of incredibly lucky humans who have found our careers working in digital, we believe in helping those who weren't as lucky as us. We firmly believe that anyone with a laptop and the right skills can change the world. Our profits as an agency are invested in building up programs to educate communities in third-world countries and underprivileged teens to find careers working remotely and impacting their own communities.

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